Why Does My Eye Twitch – What Causes Eye Twitching

Why does my eye twitch
Why Does My Eye Twitch

Why Does My Eye Twitch Sometimes? What Does it Mean When Your Eye Twitches?

Why Does My Eye Twitch?

“Why does my eye twitch?” is a common question. Myokymia, in scientific terms, are muscle contractions that can occur anywhere in the body, but in sight, they usually occur only in the bottom eyelid.

Are what causes eye twitching serious? It is usually a temporary imbalance and not serious and usually not a symptom of a medical issue.

Why Is My Eye Twitching?

Not getting enough sleep or exhaustion is what causes eye twitching in many cases. This can be due to stress or other reasons. Relaxing and getting more rest should improve or eliminate the condition ie: don’t work too hard!-balance your routine.

If you are squinting, your vision may be working extra hard. Needing glasses or needing to get new glasses can be a reason for sight strain. If the condition is persistent, you may need vision correction and should get an examination. Strain from computer usage is also a common.

Stress is another issue that often explains what causes eye twitching. Finding the source of your stress and eliminating or easing it can help to eliminate the eyelid twitch.

Bright light can be another cause of a twitch so try to stay away from bright light.

Caffeine may cause twitches. This can include tea, soda, or coffee. You may try to reduce your intake of these products to see if it helps the condition.

Alcohol consumption may be another reason why your sight may be twitchy. Try reducing your intake of alcohol to see if it helps.

Dry eyes occur in people who use computers, take medications such as antidepressants, read for long periods of time, consume alcohol or caffeine or wear contact lenses. Stress and exhaustion can also cause dry eyes. Dry eye can also be caused by aging. You doctor can help treat dry eye.

It is possible (although it has not been scientifically verified), that an sight spasm may be caused by improper diet such as not enough magnesium. We recommend talking to your doctor if you believe this is the cause of your condition.

Watery vision, swelling, and itching can be caused by eye allergies. Histamine is released into the lid tissues and tears when the eyes are rubbed. Some evidence suggests that histamine can cause twitches. To help this, doctors my suggest antihistamine tablets or eye drops. However, dry eyes can also result from antihistamine usage. Consult with your eye doctor to make the best decision.

Blepharospasm or Hemifacial spasm are more serious types of twitches that are caused by neurological conditions. These should be treated by an eye doctor.

If both eyes are involved, you may have blephorospasm. There is no definite cause and this type of twitch is chronic and is more common in women over fifty. It can lead to repeated forceful eye closing. The causes for a twitch that I have listed above can make this condition worse, so try to avoid them.

A twitch that may be more severe and more violent and involves an entire side of the face is called hemifacial spasm. It can effect speech and eating. It is caused by inflamed facial nerves but can be a caused by a more severe neurological problem. The treatment often involves medication or injections to relax muscles.

Why Does My Eye Twitch? – Eye Twitching Remedies

We hope we have answered the mysterious question: Why does my eye twitch? For relief, try to apply a warm compress to the eye that is twitching and gently massage the lid with your fingertips.

Sometimes, an eye spasm won’t stop and these can be treated with Botox injections which help to stop muscle contractions. If half your face is affected or your entire eye, causing the lids to shut, see your eye doctor for recommendations.

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